Next Stop CoconutDear Coconuts, it is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of! We’ve been locked in a dungeon, developing our website for months to ensure that you get the best experience possible. Yes we lost our awesome tans but it was necessary! We have great features and content on the way, but couldn’t keep the site to ourselves any longer. So please please let us know if you find any bugs on the website.

Thank you to the awesome people following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook already. We want to be your favourite Caribbean Travel Blog and will continue to work hard to get there. Please help us spread the word by sharing, liking and all that good stuff.

50% travel blog, 50% directory…100% Caribbean. We aim to accomplish two goals:

1. Showcase the Caribbean.

We will showcase our journey through the Caribbean, highlighting notable stops, accommodations, tours and friends that added to our experiences along the way. We hope that our unique perspective and insider tips will inspire our readers to travel, explore and discover these beautiful islands for themselves.

2. Connect Caribbean businesses with travellers.

This platform will connect local businesses with awesome travellers. Over 70% of travellers plan and research their vacations online before making any booking decisions. We understand, after all “life is too short for bad vacations”. We aim to inspire some of those travel decisions. Next Stop Coconut readers will be able to create a bucket list, redeem offers, review resorts, restaurants and tours, send direct inquiries, post pictures and connect with Caribbean businesses through our site.

*Get started right away with our bucket list feature, before long you’ll have an amazing vacation planned out.

See you coconuts on the beach!

Leith & Rochelle – Next Stop Coconut

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